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Triumph and Disaster
Spoken Word Piece

Written By: Marie Bryce


Dragon Slayer Workshop: Story of Niamh and Oisin

Assiepattle and the Mestre Stoorworm

World Storytelling Day Event

Pro Arts


MSC Dissertation:  


The Heron Project: An Evaluation of Urban Solos within Outdoor Environmental Education


Practitioners within outdoor environmental education have been compelled to use 
local spaces and direct experience through place-based education and experiential 
learning. It is suggested that these approaches can lead to pro-environmental action 
and a sense of responsibility by developing place attachment to one’s local 
environment. These approaches however, face challenges associated with certain 
confines of formal education. It has been suggested there is a need for more critical 
reflection, experimentation and creativity in diversifying the approaches; this research is in response to this need. Approached from the interpretive paradigm, this research is the creation, analysis and evaluation of what I am terming as the ‘urban solo’. An urban solo is considered a counterpart to the wilderness solo commonly used in outdoor education and more recently outdoor environmental education. The objective of this research was to facilitate the ‘urban solo’ and investigate whether this reflective experience within an urban setting could be incorporated into the practice of outdoor environmental education. Each participant conducted a one hour-long urban solo within the Edinburgh city centre. The research draws from phenomenological and evaluative methodology and uses a cross-case analysis of the semi-structured interviews with eight participants. The themes derived demonstrated a model for ‘experience of place’, similar to current models of experiential learning. The outcomes reflected concepts associated with how individuals develop a sense of place. These outcomes demonstrate that the urban solo could be beneficial to the practice of outdoor environmental educational.


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The following photos are from my own personal 6 hour urban solo at the parliament building in Edinburgh. 


Ballad for My old Man

(This was inspired by the landscape of Scotland and my desire to share this with my father)

Bring me to the sea

The waves crashing in

Bring me to the sea

Let the Tide crash upon my feet

Where have you come from and where will you go?

Come have a journey with me.

Open your heart to the land that lay forth

It has a story to read

Those who make their way for the land from sea to sky

Colours unbeknown to others 

Lay as a gift to your eyes


I want you to feel what I feel

Want you to see what I see

A place that lives so deep in your soul

A knowing that never leaves


Birds Sing Into the night 

Heather Heartland, longing sight

That I long to rest my eyes on again

Mountain peaks, presence be 

That of Giants and time 

Impressions run deep within me

Written in such a short line


I want you to feel what I feel

Want you to see what I see

A place that lives so deep in your soul

A knowing that never leaves




Dedicated to my Mother


She is a lioness

With unwavering strength and tenderness


Her skin is soft like birch bark with lines etched in

Wearing them like scars for defending her kin


She is fierce when she needs to be

Yet the backbone of her community


She loves those who don't even recognize they need it

In return they will become her greatest critic

But she loves them anyways... because they need it


In her time she has been pushed down, bossed round, face to the ground

In the dust that encircles her body she brings one foot flat to the earth

followed by the other

Enraging within her the strenght of her father 

Who left her too young.


Through constant calculations,

Expressions and mathematical equations,

Joyous moments and that of devastation she stands


It has been said that we are the hardest on those we love the most

The emotional punches we continue to throw 

And the invisible bruises that somehow still show


A Child's Journey

Written By Marie Bryce
Inspired By Shel Silverstein

Dear child, dear child look where we stand,

Where one journey begins and another will end


What is it dear child that you will take away

Well that’s not up to me, I can’t really say

Perhaps a conversation for another day


But I can speak to my time, the time I spent with you

For all one could learn from you dear child, what I learned to be true


Those who often challenge us are those prepared to lead

With inner strength to reach out their hand to those who are in need


For the one who took the courage to hold their head up high

When in the face of their own fears, it’s their fears they would deny


The quiet voice and humble smile that warms the cloudy day

The excitement and anticipation of what it is you’ll say


The kindness and the curiosity of questions that are unending

The appreciation of friendships and the time that you are spending


The rougher waters where tears would fall in fill up the raging sea

May be a part of your journey dear child, but in strength you did not flee


Your strength and dedication when you found something you love

To follow through and reach that goal, that is what dreams are made of


Your creative mind and thoughts dance across the field of green

Imagination is a superpower that often goes unseen


The possibilities are endless of what it is you can

Building and creating with your very two own hands


Wind whirls across the paper airplane as it brings about delight

Swooping, diving, turning and thriving as your airplane takes its flight


This journey is yours, but not yours alone as others will be there

To love and cry, say hello and goodbye and show they really care


Dear child you grew and you will grow some more

So out into the world you shall go and explore


You’ll have moments of beauty you’ll learn to embrace

I cannot pretend to predict the challenges you will face


What I do know for certain, I know it to be true

That you have something special, hidden inside you


You take the strength from moments and from people of in your life

And onward you go charging forth into the darkness of night

But you dear child are the star that brings about new light

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